Karey Color

Karey started her career by working over 15 years in the health care Industry with 10 of those being in a non-profit sector. She has always had the passion for helping and serving others.

For the past 9 years, she spent her time in the secondary educational field, working with students to help them work through their boundaries to help them succeed in life.

Karey believes that no matter what, you should never put a limit on yourself or your ability to become better at who you are and what you do. She always believes that hard work, persistence, positivity, being a team player and honesty are the best qualities in becoming successful.

She loves to surround herself with her family, God and friends and enjoys traveling, cookouts, and sitting out by the lake. She’s a shoulder to lean on, a laughing partner. Whether volunteering in the community, or bragging about her sons, she just wants to make sure everyone leaves with a smile.